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Christoph Reinhart, 2014

This is is the first of of two volumes in a series of textbooks on daylighting. The book is organized into two parts,  Fundamentals and Designing with the Sun. To start reading, log in  or sign up for a free account




Christoph Reinhart, 2018

This is the second volume of the Daylighting Handbook series. Same as for the first handbook, eight chapters are divided into two parts, Daylight Simulations and Dynamic Façades. To start reading,  log in or sign up for a free account




Christoph Reinhart, in preparation

This book is currently under preparation. It will present a systematic study of the atmospheric conditions around and thermal conditions within buildings. The first part, Energy Use in Buildings, explains how to measure and evaluate environmental performance in terms of energy, carbon emissions and costs. Part two, Climate and Comfort, shows how to analyze a site’s microclimate and discusses our evolving understanding of thermal comfort. Part three, Thermal Loads links a building’s interior to the outside by introducing in turn internal gains, heat losses and gains, as well as ventilation effects. To start reading,  log in or sign up for a free account