BT Press

Building Technology (BT) Press is an independent publishing house based in Cambridge, MA, that aims to provide scientifically sound, visually appealing, peer-reviewed and affordable textbooks on the built environment to architects, urban planners, sustainability consultants and the general public. Before publication, each book chapter has undergone a rigorous peer review by at least three recognized experts in the field, usually a mix of a practitioner, an academic and a researcher. All book figures follow a graphics standard designed and verified by Yoshiki Waterhouse from Waterhouse Cifuentes Design. All text has been edited and finalized by senior architecture editor Ria Stein. The books are being printed in New England and delivered worldwide via Amazon fullfillment or PayPal.

Meet the Authors


Christoph Reinhart is a building scientist and architectural educator working in the field of sustainable building design and environmental modeling. At MIT he is leading the Sustainable Design Lab, an inter-disciplinary group with a grounding in architecture that develops design workflows, planning tools and metrics to evaluate the environmental performance of buildings and neighborhoods. Products originating from the group – such as DIVA-for-Rhino, Mapdwell, DAYSIM and umi – are used in practice and education in over 90 countries. Before joining MIT in 2012, Christoph led the sustainable design concentration area at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design where the student forum voted him the “2009 Teacher of the Year.”